Jersey- The Channel Islands

 Hope you’re all having a fabulous week and starting to unwind for the weekend. This post is actually a bit late as I totally forgot to update this post here.  However, I’m finally doing it. Without further ado, here we go…….

During the first year of my course, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Jersey in the Channel Islands. Also, in a couple of weeks, I’m heading off to Malta which I’m very excited about and will update you guys on! Truthfully, I’ve never heard of Jersey before- except ironically the city in America- and I didn’t know what to expect.

Jersey is incredibly close to England, and can easily become a weekend getaway for students during the spring and summer. With the gentle waves, perfect for surfing, water sports and the beautiful heritage that is still preserved, guarantees a perfect getaway.

Best Time to Go: March-Sept. It’s an island and it can get very windy, which may restrict you to visit some attractions in the colder seasons. Plus, your pictures will look nicer with blue skies and the sun out!

 How to get there: I travelled there by Condor ferries from Poole Harbour, which is the cheapest option to get there. It is roughly £85 around April/May for a return which is a pretty good deal. The ferry also stops at Guernsey, another island before Jersey, this is a beautiful spot to visit too. Otherwise, you can go by flight via Bournemouth Airport or any other airport in the UK or through transfer, around £100 during the same season.

A stunning snap from the ferry rooftop

Our brief stop at Guernsey

Duration: Around 4 hours by ferry and by flight it should take around 1hr depending which carrier you’re flying with or where from.

Where to Stay: I stayed at Merton Hotel, which would cost £232 for one person for 3 nights, and includes a buffet breakfast; however, you can choose if you would like to include a buffet dinner. Their leisure facilities are included in the price, it includes an indoor and outside swimming pool with slides, a sauna, Jacuzzi and gym. I definitely utilised all of these whilst I was there! Other hotels such as The Hampshire Hotel costs £171 during April for 4 nights. If you would like to find more go on Visit Jersey which has a wide range of options ranging from 5* hotels, budget hotels, Camping holidays, Hostels and more..


An American style diner, all checkered black, white and red!

Places to Visit: There are so many different aspects of Jersey from culture to nature. It might be a small island, but the discovering is endless. The Jersey War Tunnels is one of the island’s most special heritage site but also a painful experience, it portrays the island suffering during WW2 when the Germans occupied the island. The Channel Islands being the only British land to be captured by the German. It is definitely worth a visit if you’re into history.

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Jersey is filled with historical castles such as The Elizabeth Castle built on a bay, which has defended Jersey for more than 300  years. We couldn’t visit due to the poor, rainy weather as it’s only accessible during low tide, however, you can get there by foot or by the ferry. Below, is what Elizabeth Castle looks like from a distance..I can’t imagine what the view would be like if the weather was good!

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Another castle we visited instead was the Mont Orgueil Castle (Picture Above) this has the most beautiful scenery once you climb to the top. No automatic alt text available.

Typically, if the weather would be sunny, Northern France could be seen from that spot in the picture above! Sadly, our whole stay there was spent in the rain or cold, windy weather. So, a quick advice either choose Spring or Summer to go!


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We had the chance to visit Durrell Zoo. This zoo aims to protect animals who are the most endangered in the world after the Dodo had become extinct due to humans.Durrell Zoo logo was inspired by Dodo in Mauritius as it aims to prevent animals from extinction- felt happy to see this!

There are Orangutans which are all different ages- they can be so entertaining I didn’t want to leave! Other animals include flamingoes, tamarin monkeys, different species of lizards, meerkats and so much more!

Other places to visit: The market in St.Helier is definitely a splash of colours, with fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish mongers and the beautiful fountain in the middle.

The museums near the harbour portray the history of Jersey, and La Hogue Bie is one of Europe’s rare passage grave in which you can learn about life 6000 years ago.

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Jersey is known for walking and while strolling around, you very may as well enjoy the scenery, like the beautiful blue beach which we seem to lack here in England. What I loved about this little island is that there was a mix of French and British-ness, be it the architecture or the food, I found that simply intriguing!

P.S. I apologise for the terrible quality of some of these pictures as they were taken on my old phone!

Until next time,




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