Meet My Little Paradise- Mauritius! (Part 3)

Hi, there everyone! It’s been so long and I’ve genuinely missed writing. Figured I could do with a break from revision and assignments deadline! The weather is starting to warm up here in the UK- Hurray! It’s actually so hot down here in Bournemouth today making me crave for late evening strolls down the beach- so lovely but also bringing back memories of Mauritius. In December, I actually went back to Mauritius for a last minute Christmas/NY getaway with my family. This time, it was different as I went whilst it was full-blast summer there. It’s the first time ever, I spent Christmas in such a hot climate but also had to go without a Christmas dinner! It felt so weird but I made up for it by spending Christmas Day on the beach😜  Anyways, I will be doing the posts from my previous holiday and from this year.  This time, we did a transfer again; I flew with Lufthansa from London Heathrow to Frankfurt and then to Mauritius. The flight to Frankfurt was around 3hours, much shorter than flying to Dubai which was 6hrs. Then, from Frankfurt to Mauritius was around 11hrs roughly. I felt like talking about the beaches I visited as feeling in a very summery mood! This time, we definitely visited a lot more beaches!

Pretty Fluffs of Clouds-reminds me of cotton candy!

The best time to go to any beaches is early mornings, it’s not too busy. As soon as midday hits, families will start to descend for a day at the beach and you’ll find it very hard to find a spot. Another reason, the sun is not as strong in the mornings if you’re going for a dip. Make sure you stock up on the suncream/ tanning lotions as well a decent sun hat!

Mont Choisy Beach

This is one of my all time favourite beach with its clear blue water and white sands. We visited this beach 3 times I think and I’ve enjoyed it every single time! Firstly, if you’re looking for hotels to stay at, there’s plenty down here and all within close proximity. The thing is, because I have so many families in Mauritius, we didn’t have the need to go stay at a hotel as everyone invited us to stay at theirs. So, I can’t give any guaranteed reviews on how the hotels are but I will include a link of some of the best hotels. Next time, I have promised myself to save up so I can experience a spa getaway at one of the luxury hotels that look so lush and inviting to stay at! Tripadvisor is my favourite website when looking to do something or looking for an accommodation as I know I’m going to get honest reviews. This suggests some of the top hotels there to stay at Mont Choisy.



Mont-Choisy Beach



There are so many water sports to do down here including water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin and whale watching, water tubing (which I did and absolutely loved!) and so much more. The people who operate these usually walk down the beach and try to offer you deals, and this is how I did mine! It roughly is 2oo rupees per person- it is around £4 in sterlings…I know right! It’s actually cheaper than I’d thought, hence why wait before paying for any trips in advance, you never know you might get it cheaper! Otherwise, down the beach, there’s a company who does the watersports reside in a hut where you could inquire more.


This is the banana ride, similar to tubing but goes rather straight in comparison. The tubing ride goes over the waves as the boat carries you at an incredible speed (obviously depending how fast you want to go) making you swerve and probably fall from your inflatable doughnut. You will be provided with a life-jacket!


Absorbing the rays as much as possible!


La Preneuse Beach

This is one of the quietest beaches I’ve ever come across and I love it! There were some locals and tourists who were either staying in a nearby hotel or they had a bungalow. So it wasn’t much of a hustle and bustle. The water was so clear too.


Absolutely loved this swerve, it looked as if 2 rivers were meeting as one
This is before I got tanned really dark and bitten by mosquitoes!


The sunset was absolutely stunning!

Pointe D’Esny and Blue Bay

Now, we didn’t really go to the actual Beach of Point D’Esny as we were tight on time as we booked a glassed-bottom boat trip for snorkeling from Blue Bay. However, we did stop here…

Can we take a moment to appreciate this beauty?
You can slowly see how dark I’m getting aha! The sun was quite strong!

This is the place to go to for the perfect holiday snap! Especially if you want your friends and family to get jealous- just take a snap and put it up, you’ll be bombarded with compliments!

This trip was undoubtedly one of the best thing I ever experienced! Water sports was always on my list, there are still a lot I want to do such as scuba-diving, sky-diving, kite surfing, water-skiing ect.. This was my first time being under water, I was pumped with adrenaline just like before going on a really high roller coaster because you know it’s something new but also thrilling. I’m not going to lie, if you’ve never snorkeled before, I’d suggest you to practice with the snorkelling gear beforehand. I struggled when I first got into the water as you breathe through your mouth and I dived in the water causing salty water to get into my tube and going into my mouth. It was not cool at all. However, with some help from my dad and uncle, I eventually got the hang of it. Once I did, I didn’t want to stop! There’s something about the ocean that is so serene and peaceful. Just swimming with the different coloured fishes and exploring the corals is simply downright relaxing. Our guide gave us a very educational talk on the marine life and how they’re trying to preserve it.


Me and my brother after Snorkeling..You can see the big smile on my face!


Afterwards, we were dropped to Blue Bay to relax for the afternoon. The water here is so calm and still for a swim. I literally fell asleep on the beach, apparently snorkelling and swimming in the ocean can be very tiring! You’ll be seeing a lot planes here flying over the sea heading to the airport. Overall, I had a fabulous day!

Some tips:

  • Buy your suncream/mosquitoes repellant if you’re going in December/January(this is the hottest time of the year)..actually anytime of the year! Remember my old posts, I went in July/Aug and it’s meant to be Winter there. I still got tanned as it was hot and the sun there is strong nevertheless the season. I still have my tan from January and some of the mosquitoes bites are still on my legs..
  • Visit this website for exclusive offers on spas, restaurants, hotels and more importantly Water Activities. You’ll thank me later!
  •  Do thorough research before signing up for any activities to ensure you’re getting the best experience, saving you money and you’re being safe.
  • Invest some money in an Action Camera, especially if you’re doing water sports! Even if it’s not the Go-Pro, there’s some that are as cheap as £10! My dad bought mine for less than £30 as I was contemplating if I should get a Go-Pro. It did its job! The pictures underwater are all taken with the action camera. This leads me onto the next topic, I did a lot of filming in Mauritius, I will be doing a montage and put it up here however I’ve never done this and it’s going to take some time. I hope it’ll be great though!

This is all for now and next time I’ll update you more on what I was up to in Mauritius! I may even make a different post about Bournemouth!

Till Next Time,





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