An Update

Hello Strangers!

Firstly, I ought to apologise for not updating for so long mainly as my laptop was broken thus not allowing me to use my materials. As I’ve bought a new laptop, I will be updating more often and this leads to my next announcement! One of the biggest change that recently occurred is that, I’m officially a Tourism Management student at Bournemouth University!! I couldn’t be more happy that I’m able to study a subject I’m passionate about but also my university is located right by the beach(I’m a beach-lover!).

If you’ve never heard of Bournemouth before, then get ready as I’ll be taking you on the ride with me! Hence why, I’ve decided to be more dynamic in the way I’ll be blogging. I’ll still be updating My little Paradise-Mauritius diaries, however along the side, I’ll be also be blogging about my new town and nearby attractions. A quick over view of Bournemouth, it’s located in the south-west of England which makes it one of the hottest point of England!

Till Next Time,




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