Meet My Little Paradise-Mauritius! (Part 1)

Hello Readers! So I figured since this is my first post, I wanted to share my experience of Mauritius from 2 years ago (where I was born and brought up-click here to discover a little bit About Me), as it holds a very special place in my heart. I visited the island after 8 years, needless to say that quite a lot of things had changed; but what I was more excited about were the sandy beaches and of course seeing all my family again. We went in August, when it was Summer in the UK, however in Mauritius it didn’t feel like that due to the monsoon showers and humid weather. To be honest, it was a horrible timing because the 2012  Summer was the year of the Olympics in London; nevertheless, I did manage to catch some of the games before we departed! So I decided to do these posts in a couple of parts as we spent 4 weeks there and there were quite a few places we visited, which I definitely want to share! But I’m also going to add a mixture of everything such as the different cultures, food, music and dancing that makes Mauritius what it is!

To start off, the plane journey to arrive in Mauritius was quite tiring as we had an inter-change in Dubai. However, what I didn’t expect (even though I’ve heard about it) was how huge the airport was in Dubai!! As we descended the plane, there was a bus waiting to transport us to the check-in. It was 1 o’clock in the morning when we landed but it didn’t seem anything like it. The atmosphere was extremely hectic. There were so many people buzzing about, hurriedly trying to get to their flights, taking a rest on loungers, the mouth-watering smell  from the surrounding restaurants and Cafés; it felt like a cyber-city. Everything was just so alive, even during the night! It took us at least 45 minutes to walk to our terminal. Just a little advise, if you ever do an inter-change anywhere – just don’t wear heels or wedges because that’s what I did and let’s just say, my poor feet suffered quite a lot. The blisters can vouch for that and I laugh when I think about it now, but I’ve learnt a future lesson – that’s for sure! We only had 2 hours to get to our terminal and most of that time was spent either through security or walking, hence why we didn’t get enough time to have a wander around the beautiful shops they had, especially all the breath-taking jewellery. Then, from Dubai to Mauritius, the flight took around 7 hours and we finally arrived in the morning(Yay!).

As Mauritius is on the other side of the world, the season was opposite to the UK’s and it was Winter there. But as bluntly as I can put it- it felt nothing like Winter! The temperature was higher than it was in London’s supposed summer(it was around 19 degrees in London and in Mauritius, it was 24 degrees). It felt quite humid and hot, which I was more than happy about, as it was not too hot but not too cold. That day we arrived, we were invited to one of my dad’s friend’s wedding. Despite not attending the wedding, at the very last minute (despite the jetlagged), we went to the wedding reception that night. This was held at Klondike Hotel, which is literally located in Flic en Flac on the coast (I know..the name sounds a bit amusing when you say it), this is a very popular tourist spot with its constant attractions, sightseeing and some wonderful restaurants.

Since I’ve already mentioned Flic en Flac, let me tell you about the times I visited, which was once in the evening (perfect timing to see the sunset!) and during the day for a dip in the sea. If I could describe this beach in a sentence, it would be a never-ending of sandy shoreline because that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see it.

A never-ending of sandy shoreline

The first time I actually went there was in the evening, just before the sunset. It was around the time where the locals and tourist starts packing up to go home, with only a few people who remain enjoying the scenery.

Sunset at Flic en Flac
Sunset at Flic en Flac

Peace. Serenity. Comfort. Those were what I was feeling, as I stood at the shoreline watching the sun go to sleep. The sun was a fiery orb of bright orange, slowly descended in the water- almost as if the water gobbled it up. The dawn began to reappear before the last reflection of the preceding sunset had faded from the horizon. The fishy smell was oddly comforting. The smell was pure and unpolluted, a welcome change from the smog that envelops me in the city. It was the smell of freedom. It was simply breath-takingly beautiful.

Dawn has set
Dawn has set

During the day, it was an entirely different story. The beach was filled up with families and tourists scouting for the next picnic spot. That day was planned for a much needed swim in the alluring sea.  It felt absolute sheer to be able to swim in the sea compare to a pool- it’s simply a different experience. However, that day we found it hard to swim, mainly because of the endless of spiky, little rocks at the bottom of the sea, constantly pricking our feet. It may have been the part of the beach where we swam at, but who knows. Overall, I thought the experience was amazing despite the bruised-up feet I got!


I don’t really have any advise for this beach except lay back and enjoy! However, do make sure you visit the restaurants they have on offer ranging from Italian to Chinese, which are only a couple of minutes of walk. They also have some very quirky souvenir shops if you’re interested. In terms of activities, there are plenty of local water-sports available nearby. Do make sure you check the time they are open as they usually have certain scheduled diving session.

For now that’s all! The next post will be about the Capital of Mauritius- Port-Louis and some attractions that we managed to visit around and nearby. Thank you for reading so far!

Till next time,




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